July 31st: Multiracial Unity Sale
After Service, Hull Chapel
The Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Caucus (UUMUAC) is offering used DVD's, records and books for sale, based on donations, to cover printing costs incurred at the UUAGA 2016. Memberships in UUMUAC are also available for interested members and friends. Drop by the Social Justice Council table.

First U Host Arabic Summer Camp
Beginning Monday, July 11th, through Friday, July 29th, First U will host United Language and Learning Institute's first summer camp. The camp takes place daily Monday through Friday in Chris Moore Parlor. Please welcome our friends, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience or adjustments made in your regular group meeting arrangements over the next few weeks.

Racial Justice Task Force Updates
The Racial Justice Task Force of the Social Justice Council of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago will be rescheduling its Multiracial Unity Award in August 2016. The showing of the movie Prometheus will be rescheduled for August as well.

2016 First Unitarian Congregational Survey
The First U Board of Trustees invites you to share your insights on a variety of issues and areas affecting the church's mission, buildings, operation and outreach. Click here for a link to the survey. Hard copies are available for members and friends on the welcome table and in the church office and should be returned to Joan Pederson's box in the office.

Memorial Service for Mr. Richard Hutchins
A memorial service has been set for First Unitarian member Richard Hutchins. Mr. Hutchins was 80-years-old and left this life doing what he was known to do best, "living life to the fullest," according to longtime partner and friend, Patricia Stern. Services will be held on August 20th here at First U at 1:00 p.m.

Need Caregiver Support?
Are you a caregiver of a loved one? If you are caring for a family member or close friend and would like to connect with other caregivers for support and resources, please contact Rev. Teri at .

Pastoral Care at First Unitarian
Our Lay Pastoral Care Team is comprised of Betty Holcomb, Evelyn Johnson, Madeiria Myriekes and Lorie Rosenblum. They provide practical and emotional support to First Unitarian members as needed, and refer pastoral issues to our ministers. You can contact the team by calling the church office at 773-324-4100 x10.

Looking for ushers!
We are looking for members and friends who would like to welcome Sunday morning worshipers at the door, and support them on Sunday mornings by seating, leading them to facilities, assisting with hearing devices, etc. This is a very important part of how we welcome the newcomer. It's also a great way to get involved in the church—especially for our newer members and friends. If you are interested, please contact Rev. Teri at

Ushers and Bell Ringers
Ushers needed to serve one Sunday per quarter (four times per year). Strong bell ringers able to pull and hold 25 lbs. also are needed once every two months. One session of brief but thorough training will be required. Contact Michael Knowles at 773-324-4100, ext. 10 or .

Share Your UU World
Finished with that UU World Magazine? Please feel free to bring it to the church and share with new members and friends. Your used copy can be a great doorway to helping keep people abreast of our UU work around the globe.

See "GET INVOLVED" above for additional opportunities.

Spend your summer reading!

The next meeting of the Women's Book Club (guys can come too) will be Tuesday, September 20th, at 7:30 p.m. in the Chris Moore Parlor.

Start ordering and reading books now! Club selections are as follows:

September - The South Side by Natalie Moore  

October - Leaving Time by Jodi Pecoult
leaving time small

November - The Sympathizer by Viet Thanj Nguyen
the sympathizer small

Being an English major is not required; this is a casual group. If you would like more information, email Joanne Michalski at .

Sunday Services 10:00 am

We gather to sing together a few minutes before the service starts. Classes for school-age kids are available, and childcare for children 0-4 is available each week (though of course you're welcome to keep your little one with you!). After the service, you are warmly invited to gather for food, coffee, and conversation.

Upcoming Services


First Forums 11:30 am

Most Sundays a program is offered after the service at 11:30 -- everything from updates on church life, to coffee with the ministers or Director of Religious Education, to Social Justice speakers and other presentations.

July 24: General Assembly Report
The Denominational Affairs Task Force of the Social Justice Council will be presenting a panel discussion about the recent General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio. Invited participants include Rev. Neil Gerdes, Maria Cobb, Finley C. Campbell, Allan Lindrup, Ella Hall and Gwen Dunnigan. They will share their differing views on this momentous 2016 event. And thanks to the generous donations, large and small, given by the members and friends of First U. Our Cabaret activity raised enough money to pay for most of Sister Marie Cobb's General Assembly expenses. A full financial report is being developed.

July 31: Communications Feedback
Our new Communications Committee has been charged to innovate how we communicate with our church community and beyond. Join them in the first of two meetings as they plan and gather your insights. If you are unable to attend, reach out to Mary Clare Bietila with any questions or suggestions at .

Coming Events

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