RE Wish List

***** NEW Books added *****
There is always a need in Religious Education (RE) for something more. Who does not want to give to the life of our children? Our budget is very limited again this year so we are in great need of supplies for our program. Here is a link to the Amazon wish list for those who may want to give a specific book or supply.

CLICK HERE for the list.

If you have a little extra give these days consider purchasing new curriculum:
Harry and UU – $100 (4-5 grades)
D’Oh God and The Fifth Dimension – $100 combo-pricing (6-8 grades)

Books, pens, crafting supplies and posters to brighten the room… all of this helps our children to know they are an important part of our community.

Feel free to purchase these items from elsewhere if you’re out shopping or in a bookstore. Please email Karen at if you purchase an item so it can be taken off the list. Thank you for your support!