Treasurer’s Report December 31, 2016

First Unitarian of Chicago
Treasurer’s Report
6 months ending December 31,2016

After six months, we have collected almost 50% of our total pledges for the year. While this sounds good, pledge collections usually slow down as the year goes on, hopefully, our uncollected pledges will not be higher than planned. Tax letters and Pledge Statements were mailed in late January, please review your statement. Let me know if you see any discrepancies. Pledges are to be paid in full by June 30th , 2017 so start budgeting now to fulfill your commitment to First Unitarian.

We have raised over $7000 for outside charities, these dollars are sent out once the collection cycle is completed. Rental revenue is unfavorable by $1800, partly due to phasing and some optimistic budgeting, Mike Knowles our Director of Operations is working diligently to find additional renters.

Expenses appear to be favorable by $19,000. However, this is due to the phasing of expenses. We paid over $6,000 for our insurance in January, and we have not started to feel the impact of winter utility bills. The building chair has told me that he is planning on some repair/maintenance projects, and we will be doing $2000 in Pennington Center roof repairs this weekend.

We will break even this year with your help (get your pledges in) and our staff (watch your spending)!

Please direct any questions to