This week in RE – February 12th

Hello Good People –

Long long ago people from a foreign land called out to a world fraught with strife and pain, a country filled with filled with images of war on local streets and abroad, and communities grappling with insidiousness systemically harmful institutions that – All you need is Love.

Through music the Beatles reminded us that there is always a choice to feed a power greater than fear, the power of love. While seeds of hatred and dis-ease are real hope can be nurtured as well. Hope found in communities responding together. Hope remembered in people acting for one another. Hope reflected within a movement gathering voices to be heard.

This week in RE we will take the opportunity to reflect on how we live our covenant – Love is the spirit of this church. We talk about what it means to love one another.

This week – (FebĀ 12th)
Chalice Children – Mr Hatch and Valentines to church members
Seekers – Mr Hatch and Valentines to the church
Jr Youth – Christian Ritual

Next week – (Feb 19th)
Chalice Children – My Brother Martin
Seekers – PT Barnum and the web of life
Jr Youth – Outing to Urban Village (unless the kids ask for the church next door…)

Please remember that RE Classes go through 11:15.

This agreed to time frame helps the our amazing volunteers to plan their time with the children present and come to a solid close reviewing the core learning for the day as they go out into the world. Thank you. (And thank the teachers too they do an amazing job!!!!)

Upcoming events:
Feb 19th – Empty Bowl Sales continue
Feb 26th – Social Justice Sunday : Learning to be an ally
March 11th – 12th – Camp-IN : First Unitarian Church of Chicago

Remember when you were young and a table cloth over chairs meant you were in the wild. Lions, bears, snakes, your older brother… could be lurking right outside the opening. Great things comes when we let ourselves be in a world safe enough to imagine anything is possible.

On Saturday March 11th the families of First Unitarian will gather to create just such a world for our children by coming together to to camp out in our own church. Finding ration from the beloved Harry Potter books we will feast, play games, dance, tell stories, watch marshmallows brown and perhaps even learn some magic as we make wands as we enjoy a sleep over – parents, children and youth of all ages.

Bring your tents and sleeping bag, your cook ware and stories – we will provide a fire pit, able hands for clearing space and ways to be inspired.

Karen Mooney
Interim Religious Education Minister
First Unitarian Church of Chicago
C : 773/241-4836
O : 773-324-4100, Ext. 15