Two proposed affiliation votes at our 5/21 Annual Meeting

Among the other business at the annual meeting (elections, reports, recognition, voting a budget) the congregation has two votes for affiliation with Chicago-area social justice organizations.

Vote to Become an Immigrant-Welcoming Congregation.
We would join the Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition, led by the Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN), a cross-denominational partnership of houses of faith.

The vote publicly declares us to welcome immigrants and collectively work to bring that welcoming spirit to the whole community via spiritual activities, reflection, education, relationship building and action. While some churches provide physical sanctuary, we would not be doing so at this time since we do not have appropriate facilities.

Vote to Join Community Renewal Society (CRS).
CRS is a community organizing group among houses of faith in Chicago. Each year, its members propose and vote on a short platform of specific goals for the year ahead, often involving legislative change.

By joining we commit to participate, to engage in education, and to engage in advocacy in partnership with the CRS network.