Adult Education Committee – June 2017 ***DRAFT***

Minutes of meeting held on June 13, 2017

Attendance:  Phiefer Browne, Finley Campbell, Allan Lindrup, Richard Pardo and Barbara Randolph

The meeting commenced at 5:39 p.m. with a chalice lighting and opening words.  Check-ins followed.

Phiefer distributed copies of the minutes of the May AEC meeting, which had been prepared by Cheryl Wegner.  Those who were present at the May meeting moved that the minutes be accepted as prepared by Cheryl.  They were accepted without objection.


Long Strange Journey – Allan reported the attendance was good and those present seemed to appreciate the information shared in the videos.  Some of those who attended found two one-hour videos too much to handle in the same class, so next time the class is offered it should probably be spread over 6 to 9 months, so that only one video need be shown per session.

Who Rules the World? – Finley reported the reading and discussion of this book by the Global Studies Group had ended.  The author (Noam Chomsky) is not an easy read, so groups should think twice before choosing to read and discuss his books.

New Testament – The First U. Christian Fellowship has now finished viewing and discussing this Great Courses video course.  Phiefer and Finley said it is a good video course.

First Forums – July 16 is the SJC First Forum for July.  As the SJC hasn’t identified a forum for that date, we agreed that Richard should advise Ellie Hall that she could have her presentation on fossil fuel divestment with reinvestment in renewable energy that day.

The Green Sanctuary Group would like to have a community forum in the evening of Thursday, July 13, with Dr. Guy McPherson, a scientist, author and former university instructor, presenting on Abrupt Climate Change (exact title may be something else).  The AEC approved this community forum.

Dances of Universal Peace – Barbara reported that the quarterly dances, which come from many traditions, draw attendees from multiple UU congregations, but only two or three from this congregation.  The next dance will occur on July 30, between 2 and 4 p.m.


Possible New Offerings

Personal Faith Evolution of UUs – Finley would like to organize such a group, with perhaps three UUs offering their evolution each session.  The presentations are based on This I Believe.

The Big Picture – Richard said the First U. Humanist Group will probably want to sponsor this class, based on a book by Shawn Carroll.  The chapters are short but tackle many debates from a scientific, probability, perspective.

Finley wishes to explore/review a course, created by the Great Course Company, on the political economy of Nazi Germany.  It is something he may wish to offer at our church.

Inter-Play – Barbara would like to offer this educational offering, if there is enough interest.

Process Theology – Allan said he will research if there is a book or videos that could be used to facilitate an Introduction to Process Theology.


Finley said that the new leaders of the Program Council plan to do calendaring using a Google calendar.  Finley suggested that Cheryl Wegner, Betty Holcomb and Kay Brown be invited to the August meeting of the AEC, so that this committee and the AEC might do some coordination regarding calendaring.

AEC Brochure for the new church year

Allan and Phiefer will take the lead on determining what material should be included in the AEC brochure we hope to have read by the end of August.  Allan will create the draft brochure using Publisher, as he did with our recent brochure.  A first draft should be ready by our August meeting.

Next Meeting and Adjournment

We agreed to not meet in July.  Our next meeting will be on August 8.

We adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

Minutes by Allan Lindrup, Secretary