Social Justice Council – June 2017 ***DRAFT***

Minutes of meeting held on June 14, 2017

Attendance:  Anita Orlikoff, Evan Freund, Finley Campbell, Marie Cobb, Allan Lindrup, Ellen LaRue, and Ashley Brazil

We commenced at 6:15 p.m. with a reading of our church’s covenant.  We then did check-ins.

Visioning for the next church year and Transition to the new Co-Chairs

We as individuals and as the Social Justice Council need to be accountable to our purposes and values, plus accountable to the congregation.  Anita said that she would try to be supportive of the new Co-Chairs by helping with the contacting of visitors who express an interest in social justice activities.  Allan offered to help by continuing to serve as SJC Secretary.  Evan said he is thinking of creating a Google group where our documents would be placed.

Task Force and Group Reports

Global Studies Group – Ellen said the group has finished reading and discussing Who Rules the World?

Green Sanctuary Group – Allan said the group was sponsoring a community forum on Abrupt Climate Change, featuring scientist and author Dr. Guy McPherson, on Thursday, July 13, between 7 and 9 pm., in Hull Chapel.  Allan will be seeking to hold a meeting of the group during the summer to decide on the group’s Action Plan for the new church year.

Denominational Affairs – Finley reported that he and Marie are working with UUMUAC to prepare for General Assembly 2017 and are working to oppose a proposed 8th Principle if it doesn’t go through the regular, multi-year review with consideration of alternative in wording.

Black Lives Matter Task Force – Ashley said that the task force is reviewing its mission statement.  It is also working with CRLN on protecting immigrants, particularly those from Latin America who are the focus of ICE raids.

Criminal Justice Task Force – Evan reported that there has been progress, particularly with some of the legislation that passed the Illinois General Assembly this spring.  The bail system has been changed for drug users and low level offenders in Cook County, so that such individuals can be released on I-bonds rather than having to post money bond.

Early Childhood Development – We still have not had received a report from this task force.  We don’t know if it still exists.

UUA Affairs and the Proposed 8th Principle

In preparation for the congregational meeting on the pending motion regarding the proposed 8th Principle, Anita lead us in an open, around-the-table discussion of the subject where everyone got an opportunity to present their views on the subject.


We discussed our meeting schedule during the summer and decided to meet during July.  We adjourned around 8 p.m.

Minutes by Allan Lindrup, Secretary