Social Justice Council – October 2017

Minutes of meeting held on Oct.  11, 2017

Attendance:  Evan Freund, Andrea Freerksen, Finley Campbell, Marie Cobbs, Allan Lindrup, Kennie James, Joan Pederson, and Chris Tellez

We commenced at 6:15 p.m. with a chalice lighting and opening words.  Check-ins followed.

Minutes of Sept. SJC Meeting

The draft minutes were sent out electronically. Three suggested revisions were received and incorporated. Revised draft minutes were then sent out electronically. No further revisions were suggested at this meeting. Andrea moved adoption of the latest version of the Sept. SJC meeting minutes. Finley seconded the motion, which was then unanimously adopted.

SJC Fair

Our assessment was that the task forces and groups were well prepared. Some groups had a good number of visitors, while others did not. The SJC brochure was finalized in time to be distributed in that Sunday’s Order of Service. The scavenger hunt that Anita developed was a hit with some of the children, but didn’t attract adult participants.

It was suggested that the SJC brochure be printed on colored paper. Allan offered to print 30 copies on colored paper once he gets a copy of the updated version. It was reported that it is on the SJC Google drive as Version 4.

Group and Task Force Reports

Black Lives Matter Task Force, Denominational Affairs, the Green Sanctuary Group, and the Criminal Justice Task Force submitted written reports to the SJC email group prior to this meeting. Finley submitted a written Racial Justice Task Force report at this meeting. There were no other reports.

Action Alerts

The UUANI weekly Action Alerts were praised. Joan suggested the SJC could encourage members of the congregation to sign-up for those alerts. People could also be encouraged to sign up for Action Alerts from UUs for Social Justice, CRS, or any other groups that we work with.

UUSJ Criminal Justice Task Force (in formation)

Finley said that he is working on activating a UUSJ Criminal Justice Task Force, building on the joint work by this church and the DuPage UU Church. There are other congregations and individuals who have been identified as interested and who are being contacted about joining such a task force.  While this information was mainly provided for our information, Finley moved that the SJC endorse the effort. Marie seconded the motion, which was then passed without opposition.

Grounding Social Justice

Evan shared a document on this subject, which he had drafted, which we discussed to some extent. It will be discussed further at future meetings, so we should read it carefully and think it over, so that we can give our input.

Membership Coordinator

Joan, who was present as the first of rotating Board members who will attend SJC meetings, said that a Membership Coordinator will be hired soon, so the SJC brochure will be helpful. Joan said she would send the Chair of each Task Force and Group some additional questions, to gather information for the Membership Coordinator.


We had closing words at 8:05 p.m., then adjourned.

Minutes by Allan Lindrup, Secretary