May 20 – This I Believe

In 1951, Edward R. Murrow wrote: “In talking to people, listening to them, I don’t have a monopoly on the world’s problems. Others have their share, often far bigger than mine. This has helped me see my own in truer perspective: and in learning how others have faced their problems—this has given me fresh ideas about how to tackle mine.

Each year we invite two church members of varied walks of life to share their personal philosophies, hard-won beliefs and basic values with the congregation. This year Christine Harrell and Ivan Lappin have agreed to share their thoughts.

We will also welcome our new members during the service.

This Sunday, we are pleased to welcome as our guest musicians two violin students, Kayla Garcia (5th grade) and Rene Miranda (6th grade) from Whittier Dual Language Elementary School in Pilsen. Their instructor, Beth Bistrow, noted teacher and conductor, leads the Alegre Strings program from Merit School of Music at Whittier School. Many First Unitarian members have attended fundraisers of Friends of Whittier and have donated to help fund the Alegre Strings and the in-school Chicago Children’s Choir program at Whittier School. Without this vital support these programs would not have been possible. Friends of Whittier was a recipient of First U’s Give Away the Basket gifts from July through September of 2017. The young musicians we are privileged to hear on Sunday are living proof of the value of investing in our children through music instruction.