Thoughts on hope and intention from our intern, Thom Thomas

I have just been working on my sermon for January 7, after spending some time working on the Soul Matters packet for the Soul Matters discussion group that just started. I notice that the theme for December is Hope, and for January it is Intention. I realize that intersection is a pretty good description of where I live: right on the knife edge between hope and intention. If you ask me why I chose to enter ministry at this time in my life, I would tell you that I entered ministry because the world is a mess, but I have hope. As David told us this month, hope and optimism are not the same thing. I am not optimistic that the world will somehow be saved, but I have hope that, if enough people get together and work on solving the problems of the world rather than on creating more of them, it is possible that the world can be saved. All it takes is enough of the right kind of people working together in love. Entering the ministry is my way of setting the intention to be one of the right kind of people. How about you? What kind of person do you want to become in the next year?