To register for classes, please check out September’s RE schedule. For more information, please contact First U’s Director of Religious Education Beth Moss. Beth can be reached at

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Storybook UU

Anchor teacher April L was raised in Rockford, Illinois, a town with excellent Swedish pancakes and the finest Japanese garden in North America. April graduated from Wheaton College (IL) where she studied Spanish and Theology. She also has a background in working with children’s literature. April started going to First Unitarian when her neighbor, Norma Poinsett, invited her. April likes the church’s diversity and spirit of inclusion and looks forward to sharing this with our students

Grades 1-3: Moral Tales

Anchor teacher Samantha B is so thrilled to be joining the First Unitarian family. She has worked in Chicago Public Schools for the past three years and she is excited to continue working with children and youth here in Chicago. Having moved to Hyde Park after graduating from Florida State University, she is looking forward to building a closer connection to the neighborhood community through her work at First Unitarian.

Grades 4-5: Greek Myths

Anchor teacher Lori MC is a homeschooling mother of three and a Girl Scout and co-op leader. She is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and she also has experience with theater. Lori is always taking new classes and workshops and she was drawn to to First Unitarian because she sees learning as a lifelong pursuit.

Grades 6 and up: Compass Points & Coming of Age

Anchor teacher Frida C is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago. Her interest in First Unitarian dates back to her first moment exploring campus when she arrived at the University. Four years later, she hopes to remain involved with the community that became her home away from home. Frida has worked as a tutor since her days as a high schooler and later moved on to be a Jumpstart leader when she became a student at UChicago. Since then, she’s been an intern at the Black Star project, a non-profit focused on education. She has worked to ensure that all students, regardless of background, were receiving the best education and opportunities possible. She joins First Unitarian in hopes to continue her work with children and she looks forward to teaching lessons that will remain with her students for a lifetime.

Please note: This year’s grade 6 and up program is special. One Sunday each month will be devoted to Coming of Age (COA) programing. For more information, please read more about coming of age in this letter. Please sign up by September 16: The end of the parent letter contains a printable sign-up form, or use the digital version: COA sign up form.

In this year’s anchor teacher pilot program, each class will have one anchor teacher, and one community member working with the group. Volunteers from the First U community are needed on a regular basis for each class! Each volunteer assistant teacher will serve as helping hands as well as UU guides; anchor teachers serve as direct instructors. As a volunteer, you sign up, show up, get to know the kids and enjoy their company for the day, and help the teacher as  needed. Please sign up to jump in!

Please contact Beth Moss, Director of Religious Education, if you are interested in learning more.

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