Ways to Be Present, Be Involved, and Be Vocal in the UUA

First U is a member of three levels of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

  • The Chicago Area Unitarian Universalist Council, CAUUC, includes the active UU congregations in the city of Chicago and its Illinois and Indiana suburbs, and focuses on local activity.
  • The MidAmerica Region includes the congregations located from the Rockies to the Great Lakes and from the Canadian border to the central plains and Ohio River valley.
  • The UUA includes all UU congregations in the United States.

The annual meetings, or assemblies, of all three levels offer rich programming in social justice, leadership development, church operations, resources for religious education and worship, and more. They also include business meetings where delegates take part in making decision-making and debate. The most rousing debates generally involve social and environmental justice. For a change of pace, there are worship services, lectures, late-night dancing, early-morning politicking, and numerous chances to make common cause with other UUs from across the area, region, or country. Events for 2018:

  • UUA 2018 General Assembly (GA), Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City MO. Dates: Wed. June 20–Sun. June 24 Registration dates & fees: March 1–April 30: $395 adults, $225 high-school aged youth, $150 off-site; May 1–June 24: $450/$260/$175. One-day on-site registration: $150/$95, $170/$110. Note: Delegates to GA may serve either on-site in Kansas City or off-site from home or elsewhere. Only delegates with on-site credentials may be replaced by alternates, who must also be on-site.
  • MidAmerica Region Annual Business Meeting, Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City MO. Date: Fri. June 22 Note: With GA occurring within the region this year, soon after the usual Annual Assembly date, this year’s assembly has been cancelled. This year’s Annual Business Meeting will occur at GA.
  • CAUUC Annual Meeting, location within the Chicago area to be determined. Date: Sat. May 12 (tentative).

Information on the number of delegates First U may have at each meeting and, if available, registration info for MidAmerica and CAUUC and the location and verified date and location of the CAUUC meeting will appear in upcoming communications – Watch this space.

Nominating petition forms issued by the Board of Trustees for all three events will be available starting February 4, 2018 from the church office and during the social hour. Delegates must be members of the congregation. Nominating petitions require the signatures of 15 members and must be returned to the Board by April 15, 2018. Delegates will be elected during the congregation’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 20, with top vote-getters for each meeting being designated as delegates and up to an equal number as alternates.

First U is unable to pay or reimburse the cost of registration fees, meals, lodging, and transportation, and all attendees are responsible for completing their own registration. These expenses may be deductible, although only for delegates; consult your tax advisor.

For more on becoming a delegate, get in touch the the Board of Trustees. For more on the issues being considered at each meeting, get in touch with the Denominational Affairs Committee.