New to First U: Mystery Friends!

What is Mystery Friends?

You see the kids up at the front each week, and you might think to yourself, “My, they are so great!”

But, as an adult in the church, do you know these amazing little people? You might not!

The goal of Mystery Friends is to help First U members have intergenerational communication with kids so everyone gets to know one another other a little better! Essentially, this is like a month long secret santa, but the real gift in the end is friendship.

How does it work?

Let Beth know you want to participate! Sign up through April 1.

On April 8, 15, and 22, the Mystery Friend pairs communicate with each other at church, by posting anonymous notes in a Mystery Friends mailbox. The adult friend should add a small gift to their note each Sunday. Examples of inexpensive things to add would be a pencil, a keychain, silly putty, a $1 Dairy Queen or other gift certificate, a button, stickers, or a piece of candy IF parents didn’t indicate to avoid sugar or other food issues on the sign up forms.

Each Sunday adults should place their notes NO LATER THAN 10 am (that is, before church!) You will know the age range of your young friend and perhaps a few interests, but not much else. In your note, drop hints about who you are, but don’t give away the mystery! You might add details like: I have been a church member for 30 years, I have three kids, I wear glasses, I love tennis, etc. Be sure to ask questions in the note that might lead the child to write back with an answer. Kids will check the mailbox after church (11:15), and they will leave a short note or drawing back to be found the following week.

Finally, on April 29, Mystery Friends will be revealed during a coffee hour Mystery Friends Reveal event.

When will I need to be at church? I don’t come every Sunday – is that a problem?

As long as you can be here for most Sundays in April and you know you can absolutely attend the mystery friend reveal event at church on April 29th, you are welcome to participate. Please note, If you know you will not be able to attend some April Sundays (life happens!) please do still provide me or a trusted friend with a note for your buddy if at all able. This is very important, because I can guarantee that kids will look for their notes/gifts every Sunday and they are sad when they get skipped.

The Mystery Friends Reveal

The Mystery Friends Reveal event will take place on Sunday, April 29, after worship service. The expectation is the Mystery Friend Adult and student will come to this event. Each pair will have a number. Those numbers will be placed on tables. Find the number, find your friend! The expectation is that adults will sit with their Mystery Friend student for about 10-15 minutes and enjoy a treat and a chat. It’s OK for parents to join the friend pair during the event, especially for preschool kids and for other kids that are shy, nervous, etc. The parent’s role would be to encourage interaction between the pair. If parents wish to hang out on the sidelines OR if they have their own mystery friend to attend to, that’s A-OK too! The DRE will present to supervise and encourage conversation as well at this fun event.

Thanks so much in advance for your participation in this new church endeavor!