Social Justice Council – April 2018

First Unitarian Church – Social Justice Council

Minutes of meeting held on April 11, 2018

Attendance:  Evan Freund, Allan Lindrup, Kennie James, Finley Campbell, Ellen LaRue, Anita Orlikoff, and Marie Cobbs.

We commenced at 6:13 p.m. with check-ins.

Minutes of the March SJC Meeting:  Ellen prepared the draft minutes for the March SJC meeting shortly before the April SJC meeting.  She brought copies to this meeting, where they were reviewed.  No suggested changes were offered.  Finley moved adopted of the draft minutes for the March SJC meeting as presented.  Marie seconded the motion.  It was approved by all voters.  Two individuals who were not at the March SJC meeting abstained.

Task Force and Group Reports

Green Sanctuary Group:  Allan reported that the group is sponsoring two First Forums in April.  One, featuring Fred Carter from the Black Oaks Environmental Center, speaking on the benefits of eating locally grown food for a sustainable environment.  The second, on home energy audits, will be held after the Earth Day Worship Service on April 22.  Richard Pardo is working on getting a recycling center established in Hull Chapel, but is having to coordinate and get approvals from multiple parties.

Black Lives Matter Task Force:  Andrea was absent, but left word that BLMTF members participated in a demonstration related to a recent shooting of a black young man by U. of C police.

Racial Justice Task Force:  Finley reported that the task force showed the film “King: Montgomery to Memphis” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination.  This task force is considering dissolving at the end of this church year, to be replaced by a chapter of the UU Multiracial Unity Action Caucus.  The RJTF is sponsoring a First Forum on April 29 on the subject of “Race, Class and the Assessor’s Office”.

Criminal Justice Task Force: The April meeting was shifted to the Experimental Station, to hear a presentation by the Chicago Community Bond Fund regarding volunteer opportunities related to those out on bond.  Evan has helped with an April 22nd (1:30 to 5:00) community forum at St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church, 1420 N. Dearborn, where individuals can learn about volunteer opportunities with organizations that help inmates returning citizens, and related.  CRS and BLM are negotiating with the City of Chicago on the implementation of the DoJ agreement with the City of Chicago regarding CPD oversight.

Denominational Affairs:  Marie reported that our church will have four delegates to this year’s UUA General Assembly.  Joan Pederson is gathering signatures on four nominating petitions (one for SJC member Allan Lindrup).  Since Allan Lindrup resigned from the CAUUC Board earlier in 2018, the Board of Trustees has been interested in identifying another church member to represent it on CAUUC.  Margot Horn has expressed some interest and will likely be our next representative to CAUUC.  On May 13 there will be a First Forum on the proposed 8th Principle.  It will be based on the wording shared last spring, since revised wording has not yet been released by the Study Commission studying the Principles.  There will be small break-out groups where views can be presented and written down for sharing with all interested church members.  Those who can’t be in attendance may submit written comments, to be shared in a small group session and written down, as if the person was present.

Global Studies Group:  Bobbi reportedly submitted a report to the SJC google group.

Chicago Childrens’ Choir (CCC) Boosters Task Force:  Anita is trying to sign up members.

SJC Special Collections

Allan said that in November, 2017, the SJC had authorized three SJC Special Collections.  One was for relief efforts in Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria, which was supposed to be collected in December.  A second, requested by the ministers, was to assist a newer UU congregation in Kenya, which was supposed to be collected in January.  The third, to help support the UU Prison Ministry of Illinois, is to take place in the spring.  Allan said he had not heard or seen anything regarding the collections for Puerto Rican relief help or for the new UU congregation in Kenya.  Some present thought that a collection for Puerto Rican relief had occurred.  No one believed the collection for the UU congregation in Kenya had occurred.  Allan was authorized to check with the ministers on what happened with regard to those two SJC special collections.

New Business

Anita advised us that the Parliament of World Religions, which has an international conference every few years, is having its next such conference in Toronto, Canada, the first week of November.  Our church had a substantial contingent attend the last Parliament of World Religions conference, in Salt Lake City, in 2015, so Anita will try to organize a fall First Forum, to promote participation in this year’s conference.


We adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

Minutes by Allan Lindrup, Secretary