October 14 – Children of this Sanctuary: the Chicago Children’s Choir 62nd Birthday

Rev. David

The Chicago Children’s Choir was founded in 1952—62 years ago!—right here in the First U Sanctuary. At the time, forging an interracial choir of children was unheard of. Our sanctuary was a shelter from the storms of racism in the broader city; when the children started to perform offsite, at times they were subject to racist, hateful speech. But our sanctuary was more than a shelter from the outside world. Our sanctuary was a shelter for the outside world—to send the children of the city to teach Chicago a new song. What might our sanctuary birth today?

Note: The Comer Hospital Race for the Kids begins at 9 am. This annual race  kicks off on the University of Chicago’s Quad, takes a path south to 59th and Cottage Grove, and continues east on the Midway to Lake Park, north to 57th, then west on 57th back to the Quad. These streets will still be closed at 10 am, although  police stationed at Woodlawn and 57th  should permit dropoff access at the church. Parking will be difficult. Map of the race route.