At the Art Institute: “Prayer”

Visit the new exhibit, Prayer, by artist James Webb – through December 31.

About the exhibit:Prayer is an ongoing project, remade around the world since its first presentation in [artist James Webb’s] home city of Cape Town in 2000. The Chicago version is the 10th and largest to date, as well as the first in North America. The work consists of recordings of prayer from individuals who belong to dozens of faiths and spiritual affinities in the host city. Listeners are invited to remove their shoes and walk the length of the carpet, composing their own arrangement of voices as they go, or to kneel or otherwise lower themselves next to a speaker to listen more closely to particular prayers. The spare though colorful installation has the austerity of a work of Minimal Art and the enveloping richness of a choral concert.”

Rev. Teri and Rev. David were honored to participate in the creation of the project, along with faith leaders from around the city. Listen to their contribution here.