Best Wishes for Membership Coordinator Myles Brady Davis

With regret, we share the news that our membership coordinator Myles Brady Davis has resigned to focus his time and work on advocacy for the trans community. At this moment, when the trans people are under renewed attack, he feels a call to take on greater leadership, and we wish him the best. To everyone who so warmly welcomed and supported Mylesduring his time with the church, a huge thank you!
Because of the timing to post the position, interview, hire, and onboard a new staff member, we’ll wait to hire a new membership coordinator until next fall after Rev. Teri and Rev. David are back from sabbatical.
In the coming weeks we’ll put together an ad hoc membership team at least for the year. If you’re interested in helping make this happen, and can commit about an hour a week, let’s talk!
Thoughts and questions are always welcome, please feel free to reach out: