A Different Place to Be

From your Interim Minister

We live in an age of deep cynicism and alienation.  There’s very little that binds us together.  We tend to wander off with whatever group we identify with and curse the rest.  This is partly due to social media and the like, but whatever it is, here we are.  Very little unites us.

Given the state of our culture we now live in, our church can be a different place to be.  I believe if we are to truly model the religious Principles we proclaim, the visible characteristics of our community living would correspond to these commitments –

  • One, a commitment to the equal worth of every member irrespective of economic and social status.
  • Two, a commitment to the ecological principle that what’s best for the whole, is the same as what’s best for the part.
  • Three, a commitment to the democratic process as the only fair and equal way of making community decisions.
  • Four, a commitment to religious purpose as the only valid measure of the success or failure of the congregation’s ministry.
  • Five, a commitment to the belief that power shared is power multiplied.
  • And last, a commitment to a profound form of mutual trust between congregation and minister.

Think about the transforming power of this kind of community model.  Think about its appeal to people who must contend with the culture we now live in.  The purpose of this kind of community model is to create behavior which makes our congregation a different place to be than the realities outside our doors.

That’s it in a nutshell.  And is the foundation upon which we can become the congregation we want to be.

In the Spirit of Life,

Rev. Don