Sitting Together on Humanity’s Mourning Bench

From your Interim Minister

Nicholas Wolterstorff in Lament for a Son (his own) writes –

 “I shall look at the world through tears.  Perhaps I shall see things that dry-eyed I could 
not see …. I shall try to keep the wound from healing, in recognition of our living still in 
the old order of things.  I shall try to keep it from healing, in solidarity with those who sit 
beside me on humanity’s mourning bench.”

As we sit together on humanity’s mourning bench, we need three things, I think.

  • We need a sense of our own basic worth regardless of our situation – whether we think we have life by the tail or the other way around.  Our situation does not change our value.  We are worthy no matter what.
  • We need to be connected to a community.  No one of us can make it alone.  We are whistling in the wind if we think any of us has so mastered life with our frailty and finitude by ourselves.  It is good to give and it is good to receive.  Blessed are those who understand this truth.
  • We need a horizon of our thought and feeling that lifts us beyond the immediate – to see our lives in cosmic perspective – beacons of brief fire against the darkness.  Our lives are not lost in the great mystery of birth and death and all that lies between.

In the Spirit of Life,
Rev. Don