Job Posting: Director of Music

Job Description: The Director of Music will serve as primary administrator of the music ministry of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago. This individual shall be responsible for the planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry. They will provide variety in the types of music presented, with contemporary music blended with traditional hymns and classical works. The purposes of the position are to facilitate an atmosphere of love and inclusion, and to provide direction, oversight, and coordination of musical and artistic elements of worship services. 

Primary Functions: The following is a general list of the basic duties of the Music Director.

  • Develop a plan with assistance from the Minister for the music ministry of First Unitarian, including leadership of the current Adult Choir.
  • Work with the Minister in the development of meaning, effective and creative worship services including the possible use of drama, videos, and other resources to enhance the overall impact and experience of the service.
  • Lead all music for Sunday services as well as special services as needed (e.g. Holy Week, revival, weddings, funerals, etc.).
  • Lead and direct the choir during the Sunday services.
  • Lead and direct one totally musical service annually.
  • Select and coordinate congregational songs with sermon topics and seasonal themes.
  • Encourage the development of spiritual, musical, artistic, and technical gifts ofothers.
  • Work within an approved annual music budget.
  • Order all music and music supplies for Music Ministry and maintain the music library.
  • Secure maintenance and tuning for instruments as needed.
  • Establish rehearsal schedules for the choir.
  • Recruit, train, and equip guest singers and musicians for participation in worship services.
  • Participate in regular staff meetings and requested church meetings
  • Make fill-in arrangements when unable to perform duties as described during services or practices.

Job Skills & Requirements:In addition to passing a criminal background check as a condition of employment, the Director of Music will:

  • Be proficient in choir and instrumental conducting, in voice development, and in worship planning in coordination with the pastor.
  • Be skilled in leading worship through piano/keyboard playing, possessing the ability to play and conduct simultaneously.
  • Display openness to a wide variety of musical styles.
  • Have effective communications skills (both orally and written).
  • Possess exceptional time management skills by being on time for practices, meetings, and church services, along with effective use of practice times.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills.
  • Possess the interpersonal skills needed to relate to a diverse group of people including ministers, volunteers, musicians, church leaders and members.
  • Have a clear concept what being an integral part of the church’s ministry means.

Supervision: The Music Director is directly accountable to and is supervised and guided by the church minister and adheres to the guidelines and terms of employment outlined in the personnel manual of the Board of Trustees of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago.

Hours and Salary: The position is part-time (estimated at 10-15 hours per week). Compensation shall be based upon experience and ability.

To apply: Please email a resume and short cover letter to Michael Knowles, Director of Operations, at