Upcoming Services

Sunday, June 4: Our Flower Communion – Multigenerational Service

As a Unitarian minister, Norbert Capek had gathered around him a diverse congregation. All devout, yet all were dissatisfied with existing religious practice.  Capek felt the need for some symbolic ritual to bind them together. And so the Flower Communion was inaugurated. We continue that tradition this morning.  Please remember to bring fresh flowers to share.

Sunday, June 11: An Early 4th of July
Rev. Don Cameron

“In God We Trust” is our national motto. These words are on our coins, on our bills, on our courtroom walls, even on our car license plates.  It can seem as if this is a theistic, even Christian nation, and always has been – “one nation, under God,” as it says in the pledge of allegiance. But our national motto and pledge of allegiance did not always say what they do now.

Sunday, June 18: Gnostic Gospels
Rev. Don Cameron

Who were these early Christians we call Gnostics, these early dissenters?  They were as different theologically from their contemporaries as we are from ours. Their understanding of Jesus is not the Jesus that many of us had come to know in our Christian upbringing.

Sunday, June 25: Wish for Things Closer at Hand
Rev. Don Cameron

Wishful thinking can be sloppy and sentimental. I wish I could do what I cannot do.  I wish I could be who I shall never be. I wish I could have what I do not have. Instead, wish for things closer at hand – for the possibilities and challenges of the life you do have.  This will be interim minister Don Cameron’s last service with us.