Religious Education Schedule

This week in RE – February 19th

Hello Good People – What a week: trees are budding, long weekends are being lived into and here at First Unitarian people are preparing for a party that will surely be enjoyable. As always I hope that this email find you and those you care for well. In these times when the core of our … Continued

This week in RE – February 12th

Hello Good People – Long long ago people from a foreign land called out to a world fraught with strife and pain, a country filled with filled with images of war on local streets and abroad, and communities grappling with insidiousness systemically harmful institutions that – All you need is Love. Through music the Beatles … Continued

2017 OWL Program for Grades 4-6, Feb. 5 through Mar. 12.

First Unitarian starts the Our Whole Lives (OWL) 4th-6th grade curriculum this year on Sunday, February 5th, beginning at 9:30 until noon and continuing February 12, March 5 and March 12. OWL is a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education curriculum. As the curriculum states, “Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, … Continued