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First U Cares

First U Cares is a new initiative from Rev. Teri to expand the caring presence of church members for one another. Traditionally, this is known as pastoral care ministries. As always, if you find yourself in a challenging life situation, Rev. Teri and Rev. David are available to provide confidential pastoral care. Additionally, we have … Continued

Stronger in the Broken Places

This essay by Rev. Teri originally appeared on the Quest for Meaning website—along with a podcast. A famous rabbi once said the truth will set you free. Trouble is, the truth is truth, whether we like it or not. The truth is that we will all break in this life. That’s how we learn to … Continued

Called to Prophetic Voice

Rev. Teri writes: A prophet isn’t so much about someone who can fore-tell, but someone who can truth-tell. A prophet is someone who connects the dots between what is and what can be. You can do that. I can do that. We can do that together. It is tempting to want to wait for a … Continued

Realism, Grief, and Hope

Rev. Teri writes: Walter Brueggemann, esteemed scholar of the Hebrew prophets, says a congregation is called to practice three things: 1) Realism in the face of ideology.… 2) Grief while the world is in denial. 3) Hope when the world is in despair. As someone who lives with chronic pain, I have to practice when … Continued

Free and Responsible

Rev. David writes, It’s a basic principle: we are a people who believe in “a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Our tradition explicitly names as a source “the guidance of reason and the results of science.” Not “truthiness.” Not “post-truth.” The one statue in our building is Joseph Priestly, over the door, … Continued