From Ministers

Called to Prophetic Voice

Rev. Teri writes: A prophet isn’t so much about someone who can fore-tell, but someone who can truth-tell. A prophet is someone who connects the dots between what is and what can be. You can do that. I can do that. We can do that together. It is tempting to want to wait for a … Continued

Realism, Grief, and Hope

Rev. Teri writes: Walter Brueggemann, esteemed scholar of the Hebrew prophets, says a congregation is called to practice three things: 1) Realism in the face of ideology.… 2) Grief while the world is in denial. 3) Hope when the world is in despair. As someone who lives with chronic pain, I have to practice when … Continued

Free and Responsible

Rev. David writes, It’s a basic principle: we are a people who believe in “a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Our tradition explicitly names as a source “the guidance of reason and the results of science.” Not “truthiness.” Not “post-truth.” The one statue in our building is Joseph Priestly, over the door, … Continued