From the Board

Get to Know Your 2021 – 2022 First Unitarian Board of Trustees: Margaret Gonwa and Amos Biggers

We’re highlighting members of the First Unitarian Board of Trustees so you can get to know them better! Your Board of Trustees includes Margie Gonwa, Amos Biggers, Tim Arehart, Richard Pardo, Cheryl Wegner, Ezrina Bradley, Evelyn Johnson, and Mary Clare Bietila (alternate Trustee). Margaret Gonwa, President and Trustee Margaret Gonwa, President of the Board of Trustees. Margie is an … Continued

A Letter from the President of the First Unitarian Board of Trustees

Greetings, Members and Friends, Margie Gonwa here—your current Board President. I want to start by wishing everyone happy, healthy and safe holidays, understanding that we are experiencing another holiday season constrained in our movements and forced to consider whether and how to gather with family and friends in person. Keep in touch–reach out to your … Continued

Rules for being inside during COVID-19

To be inside the church or other First U property, visitors to and members of the First Unitarian Society of Chicago must follow these COVID mitigation protocols: Be fully vaccinated. The sole exception is for children too young to be vaccinated yet. Wear a mask. The mask must properly cover your nose and mouth. Socially distance. Stay six … Continued