The Church of the Helping Hands

As part of our pastoral care, members of the church help one another in times of need. We are currently looking to develop a roster of congregants who are willing to provide an occasional meal, ride to an appointment, errand or social visit for members in times of need. If you are willing to be … Continued

Help with Events

Throughout the church year, groups within the congregation organize and facilitate a number of events. We are always looking for volunteers to help put them on. More events may be added and current event details are subject to change so please contact the event coordinator or Program Council Chair Kay Poyner Brown if you have any … Continued

RE Wish List

***** NEW Books added ***** There is always a need in Religious Education (RE) for something more. Who does not want to give to the life of our children? Our budget is very limited again this year so we are in great need of supplies for our program. Here is a link to the Amazon … Continued

Support for Program Council Events

During the year, volunteers are needed to make numerous fun and joyous church events run smoothly. If you can help, please email Kay Poyner Brown at kaypb56@gmail.com.

Office Volunteers

This important need is fun and has a variety of responsibilities.  Familiarity with computers is a must. You will assist with RE projects and event preparation help visitors do special projects for the ministers and administrative staff assist the church in many other ways. We adopted this way of staffing our office when our budget was cut, … Continued