Scroll down for photos, and for thoughts on blessing from Director of Religious Education Beth Moss. Beth can be reached at

May 27

  • Regularly scheduled RE

June 3

  • LAST DAY OF REGULAR CHURCH YEAR FOR RE: Kids will celebrate the last day of regular RE with some fun group activities, some of which will be outdoors if weather permits. If it is chilly, please send a coat. Also, please send your child in clothes you don’t mind them getting messy in!
  • In worship, those that have volunteered this year will be honored for everything they have done. The RE program could NOT exist without the incredible contributions of all the people listed below. A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO VOLUNTEERED IN THE RE PROGRAM THIS YEAR!
    • RE Council: Alina, Ezrina, Kathryn, Katie, Kathy
    • RE Teachers & Volunteers: Chalice Children: Ava, Kathy, Sky, Tim
    • Seekers: Virgina, Alina, Ane, Lorraine Richardson
    • Jr Youth: Paloma, Allan, Kathryn
    • OWL: Sabrina Holmquist, Jim Procter
    • OXFAM+ Halloween Party: Cheryl, Cindy, Joan, the whole RE counsel + MANY youth who did an amazing job
    • Summer Teachers: Marjorie, Ezrina, Kathryn, Allan, Ane, Joan, Kathy
    • Mystery Friends: Mary Lee, Rosemary, Ivan, Barbara, Bette, Allen, Betty, Vivian, Linn + some wonderful youth 😊
    • Subs, Volunteers, Program Spokespeople, Pageant help, and others not yet mentioned: Lorraine, Jon, Allen, Lisa , David, Teri, Lynn, Chris, Leslie, Laura, Sara, Jon, Joan, Bill, Eileen, Jacob, Marjorie, Jennifer, Nan, other Lisa, people I missed, and all the other parents and families present each Sunday.

June 10

  • Flower Communion Flower Communion Multi-gen service
  • Church picnic with capital campaign kickoff after services – You will not want to miss this family-friendly event with kid-friendly foods and MAD SCIENCE starting at noon

Mad Science delivers unique, hands-on science experiences for children that are as entertaining as they are educational. The Mad Science of Chicago has been bringing science enrichment to children in schools and hosting parties since 2005. Mad Science encourages scientific literacy in children in an age when science is as vital as reading, writing and arithmetic and they don’t stop there. They believe in the importance of being at the forefront of the industry and continue to create hands-on science programming for kids. For more information, contact Beth at

June 17

  • Father’s Day – NO RE
  • Summer hours begin in the nursery (9:30-11:30)

June 24

  • Summer RE begins

When we Unitarians talk about blessings, we sometimes get a little squeamish. This word and what it typically represents doesn’t always fit neatly into the belief system of UU’s who are atheist, agnostic, or alienated from communities that spoke often of blessings. That said, blessings don’t necessarily have to relate to a deity or a specific religious identity. A blessing can be a wish from the heart, a whisper of gratitude, or gift graciously given of the spirit. With that in mind, there is value in recognizing the blessings that we have and offering our blessings to others. This past month, the youth participated in a service all about animals and the blessings they bring us, and that we wish upon them. They read this adapted passage written originally by Christine C. Robinson:

Surrounded by the animals we love,
we remember with gratitude the pets,
animal companions who have blessed our lives.

We give thanks for our childhood pets,
who taught us to love and to cry.

We give thanks for our children’s pets,
who help us to teach them responsibility and relationship.
We give thanks for the pets who brighten our days
and comfort our nights.

We give thanks for all those animals who help us
and for animals who give their lives to help us learn.

Spirit of life, help us to remember that
we live
and work
and love among the animals.

Help us to be their friends,
to love them
and care for them
and protect them from harm,
to thank them when we use their lives in ours.

Bless those animals who are
and have been companions in our lives.
Hear our outpouring of love and gratitude for our animals.
Help us care for them tenderly and faithfully,
and may we remember that we are not alone on the earth.

Thanks to Cameron White-Davis, Andy Guelcher, Lulu and Cole Verdun, Keiran Martin-Eatinger Josie Schwartz and all others who participated in this service. Also, thanks to everyone who sent in their pet photos and brought stuffed animals to the service (pictured below). It was a blessing to be a part of this service with you all.