Thanks to all you who have increased or made a pledge over the last few weeks in our effort to secure the special $25,000 Pledge Challenge. As of today we are at $279,600 of our goal of $282,000 needed to secure the pledge! We’ve been given some grace by the generous donor and have until Friday, May 19th at 5 p.m. to secure the remainder. We can do it! If you have not made a pledge and would like to help please click below, call or email our office at Thank you all for your generosity and special thanks to all who worked the emails and phones in this effort to fulfill our mission in the upcoming year and beyond.

Read on to learn how.

Ways you can help meet the challenge

  • Online: Click here and provide the requested information. If you have used auto-payment in the past, you can save time by logging in.
  • Email: Send the amount of your 2017–2018 pledge to Michael Knowles, our Director of Operations, at
  • Return your completed pledge form by mailing it to First Unitarian, 5650 S Woodlawn Ave, Chicago IL 60637, or by placing it in the offering basket on May 7 or May 14.

If you are adding to the pledge you already made, please note ADDITION TO 2017-2018 PLEDGE in your email or on your form. For online pledging, make an additional pledge in the amount of your increase.

Please help today! The treasurer and board have built a lean budget, which means a pledge shortfall would mean cutting programming and reducing the hours of our busy and efficient staff.

Challenge Deadline: May 14

Thank you for your generous financial support of First Unitarian, however great or small!

Colleen Grogan                          Margie Gonwa                      Joan Pederson
Pledge Co-Chair                         Pledge Co-Chair                   President