Scroll down for thoughts about Mother’s Day from Director of Religious Education Beth Moss. 

May 5

  • OWL overnight – 5 pm to 9 am

May 6

  • All Creatures of the Earth and Sky: This Sunday, we will honor those furry, fluffy, scaled, shelled, and feathered friends who have been kind enough to grace us with their company. Everyone is invited to bring a photo or memento of your beloved companions past and present to honor their memory, to show gratitude for the joy we share with them, and to wish them bright futures.
  • This is a multi-generational service, so there will be no separate RE

May 13

  • Regularly scheduled RE

May 20

  • Regularly scheduled RE
  • OWL last class – noon to 4 pm

May 27

  • Regularly scheduled RE

Questions? Please contact Beth Moss, our Director of Religious Education, at

Greetings from the DRE!

May 13th is Mother’s Day. The same way many holidays are, this one is easy for some, and not for others. How each person chooses to celebrate or not is at their discretion, but here are some ideas to broaden your notion of what the holiday could be.

In 2011, Forward Together, an organization the works for rights, recognition, and resources for all types of families, started to call Mother’s Day, Mama’s Day. This take on the day encourages people to give their attention to all kinds of mothers who are marginalized. Forward Together encourages us to think a little outside of the box about who we see when we think of mothers – from immigrant women facing deportation to mothers in jail. To honor the less fought for, this organization recommends people to do service work to benefit these groups. There is much adults can do, with the help of kids, for those types of mothers.

Still thinking outside the box but focusing on the little things and back towards your life, who are the mothers in your child’s life who might not have been placed by nature in the role of being a mom? Siblings, fathers, aunts, uncles, caring friends, and teachers? Certainly, anyone who helps a child grow, lends a kind ear, quips in an encouraging word, or provides a shoulder to cry on when there isn’t one – is someone who mothers us.

If you are a mom or otherwise a parent who fulfills what our society would see as the mothering needs of your child, who helps you to be the parent that you are? Your wife? Your cousin? Your pets? Your child’s school? No one could do it alone and today is a great day to acknowledge what makes the love you are able to give possible. No matter what, I hope it’s a good day for you and your family, and from the DRE thank you to all the “mothers” of every variety – you do so much.

The Spirit of Creativity
Rev. Barbara Wells

May you find the deep peace of creation flowing in your spirit.
May your senses awake to the creative spark that lives in you.
May you walk in beauty and seek to create beauty wherever you go.
May you take the risk of discovering the divine within you and around you.
And may the spirit of life bless you with courage and hope as you live creatively with others by your side.