10/08/2017 Erasing Erasure

Rev, Teresa Schwartz “Indigenous Peoples Day” reimagines Columbus Day. It’s a call to look at the shadow side of one of the founding myths of our country. “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” is one of the bleakest stories of our country’s history: the genocide and erasure of people and culture. If we seek … Continued

09/24/2017 Making Meaning

Rev. Elizabeth Harding All throughout our lives, we have opportunities to create meaning out of our experiences, feelings, and relationships. Our mortality offers us such an opportunity to really dig deep about what becomes important over our lifetimes. The process of making theology – of knowing our deepest values and beliefs – is written into … Continued

09/17/2017 Belonging = Being and Longing

Rev Teresa Schwartz Poet and priest, John O’Donohue, says, “The word “belonging” holds together the two fundamental aspects of life: being and longing.” How do we belong in church and in the world? How can we welcome our longing? How can we welcome the newcomer in all of their being and their longing?

08/27/2017 Eclipsed by Wonder

Rev. Teresa Schwartz On August 21, a total solar eclipse traced a path across North America. Our Living Tradition draws upon our direct experience of mystery and wonder; but it takes our commitment to have eyes to see, even when wonder comes to us! We are simultaneously teeny-tiny beings in a large cosmos–but the cosmos … Continued

08/13/2017 Untangling the Divine

Allen Harden We UUs sometimes sing of a “God of Many Names”, and we frequently invoke nuanced names to point to the divine when we gather in worship –“Spirit of Life” comes to mind first. Each of us holds personal, and probably unique, ideas of our ‘god’, our ‘god-concept’, or of ‘not-god’. In order to … Continued

08/06/2017 Class Stories: Embracing our Diversity

Kellie Kelly For most Americans, socioeconomic class is one of the last taboos. This Spring, the UUA Commission on Appraisal released the report on their 3-year study on class within our religious association. Kellie Kelly shares her class story and invites us to consider what a class-inclusive Unitarian Universalism might look like.

07/09/2017 The Place of War in Politics and Religion

Dr. Dennis Koehn Drawing on historical perspectives and current analysis, Dennis Koehn identifies forces in politics and religion that push national leaders to choose war as an instrument of foreign policy. He explores points of leverage where citizens can encourage leaders to more vigorously pursue nonviolent and negotiating strategies for managing international conflicts. Dennis challenges … Continued