05/21/2017 Out of Many

Rev. David Schwartz The fastest way to grow a church is to have everyone look the same, come from the same background, and believe the same things. We’re taking the harder road. With music from two different ensembles of the Chicago Children’s Choir. We are delighted to welcome the Vivace ensemble of Chicago Children’s Choir … Continued

05/14/2017 This I Believe

Allen Lang and Bette Sikes In the legacy of Edward Murrow’s This I Believe radio program starting in 1951, each year we invite two church members of varied walks of life to share their personal philosophies, hard-won beliefs and basic values with the congregation. In 1951, Murrow wrote: “In talking to people, listening to them, … Continued

04/30/2017 Called to Love, Justice, Vitality

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray This is a defining moment. In the midst of so much challenge and heartbreak in our world, how can we show up as our bravest, boldest, most loving selves, nurturing what feeds love and justice? How is faith calling us to respond to this moment and what do we need to be … Continued

04/16/2017 Easter Sunday: A People of Resistance in an Era of Empire

Rev. David Schwartz On Easter Sunday, we retell and recommit ourselves to the story of our spiritual ancestors: a community of resistance, proclaiming and living radical love here and now, in an age when lives grind to dust under the wheels of empire.

04/09/2017 Leave a Little Room…for Change

Rev. Teresa Schwartz When we want to change something in our lives – especially to transform ourselves – we often set on a course of relentless improvements. But transformation may be more about paying attention than making improvements. When we take the time and space to pay close attention to our inner and outer worlds, … Continued

3/26/2017 Freeing the Cycles of Forgiveness: Prisons in our Modern Age

Rev. Karen Mooney As a people of faith, we offer hope that all are worthy. As an active movement, we work to change unjust systems so that redemption is possible. As individuals of integrity, we take on culpability for the transformative power of interconnection to take hold. Forgiveness, redemption and atonement are concepts we wrestle … Continued

03/19/2017 The Biggest Risk: Not Taking Any Risk

Rev. Teresa Schwartz It is said that insanity means doing the same thing over and over again — and expecting different results. We live in a world that is changing really quickly. We may fail if we risk. We will fail if we don’t risk. What does that difficult truth mean for us as a … Continued

03/12/2017 Now Boarding Flight 5650

Rev. David Schwartz “Universalists are often asked to tell where they stand,” Minister Lewis Fisher wrote decades ago. “The only true answer… is that we do not stand at all, we move.” It’s a time of moving at First Unitarian, and this Sunday we’ll board a metaphorical airplane to the future of this congregation, complete … Continued