07/14/2019 Care, Comfort, and Compassion: UU Musings on the Journey of Death and Dying

Rev. Jason Lydon As Unitarian Universalists we do not offer a single answer about what happens when we die. Rather, we each are welcome to find our own answers and wonder about the question with others. Our questions and ideas about death are not only about what happens after the final breath. There is a … Continued

07/07/2019 Understanding and Challenging Racism in the Shadow of Independence Day

Rev. Jason Lydon In 1852, Frederick Douglass delivered his speech, “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” Nearly two and a half centuries later the question must still be asked, but in new and different ways. What does independence mean in a society still plagued by white supremacy? How do we as Unitarian … Continued

06/16/2019 Coming of Age Sunday

DRE Beth Moss, Claire Gyuk, Daniel O’Connor, Quinn Eatinger, Athena Doolas, Cam White-Davis, Sophia Gyuk, Cole Verdun, Soren Arnold, Rev. Jason Lydon This wonderful celebration of our young people will be an opportunity for all people in the church to engage with our youth as they share their faith statements with us. As Unitarian Universalists … Continued

06/09/2019 Flower Communion Service

DRE Beth Moss and Rev. Jason Lydon The flower communion is a UU tradition originally created by Norbert Capek, the founder of Unitarianism in what was then Czechoslovakia. In our recreation of the ritual, all are encouraged to bring their own unique flower to church that will be shared with others. We will reflect together … Continued

06/02/2019 Reflections on Our Seven Principles

Rev. Jason Lydon The principles of Unitarian Universalism were established as guiding visions for those seeking truths within Unitarian Universalism to affirm and promote. These principles are hardly set in stone; they have been changed significantly since originally created in 1961. Rev. Jason will offer some of the history of our principles and his reflections … Continued

05/19/2019 Wrestling with Conflict

Rev. Jason Lydon Conflict is an inevitable aspect of life. We have conflict within ourselves, with our loved ones, with strangers, with the person driving too slowly on Lake Shore Drive, and with so many others. Conflict does not inevitably create harm or despair, and yet it certainly can. If we are committing to be … Continued

05/12/2019 Mother’s Day: Let Us Be Too Tender with One Another

Rev. Jason Lydon In her Mother’s Day Proclamation, Julia Ward Howe wrote, “We, women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country, to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.” What might these words mean for us today? How might the message of these words interact with the vision … Continued

04/28/2019 Water: A True Elixir of Life

Rev. Jason Lydon It has been said that the next wars will be fought over water, but in truth there have been wars and battles over water for generations. The Earth’s natural flowing waters are in constant danger of pollution, contamination, damming, and drought. As residents of a city that sits on one of largest … Continued