11/5/2017 Renewable Energy—for the Planet and the Heart

Rev Teresa Schwartz

As a Green Sanctuary congregation, our church has committed itself to ongoing ecological work and advocacy. As part of this project, we devote three worship services to ecological justice and awareness. This is the first of three ecoworship services for this church year. We are actively witnessing irreversible and devastating effects of climate change. Historic hurricanes and wildfires have wrought mass devastation, death, and untold economic damage. We live with our own personal fears and grief about what the future holds for ourselves and our children. Furthermore, our physical climate is only worsened by the current political climate. Yet, amidst bleak times, there is cause for hope. There are possibilities in renewable energy and collective action—both for our power grids and the power of our hearts and hope. Renewable energy can come from the sun, the wind, the waves—and our hearts and resolve.