12/02/2018 On Sacred Ground: the 100th Birthday of Timuel Black

Rev. Teresa Schwartz, Rev. David Schwartz, Rev. Michael Flager, Hon. Toni Preckwinkle, Joseph Harrington Celebrate the 100th birthday of our member, Timuel Black. Tim is known as a soldier, beloved teacher, civil rights leader, and political activist; he has received local and international awards and recognition over the years for his important work.

10/21/2018 Seeking Sanctuary: Forced from Home

Rev. Teresa Schwartz In a time of masses of refugees seeking shelter and sanctuary around the world, we find politicians calling to bar the doors. There are a record 68.5 million people displaced worldwide, and every single one of them has inherent worth and dignity. Headlines can numb us to the reality that people and … Continued

10/14/2018 Children of this Sanctuary: The Chicago Children’s Choir’s 62nd Birthday

Rev. David Schwartz The Chicago Children’s Choir was founded in 1952—62 years ago!—right here in the First U Sanctuary. At the time, forging an interracial choir of children was unheard of. Our sanctuary was a shelter from the storms of racism in the broader city; when the children started to perform offsite, at times they … Continued

09/16/2018 An Eye for Awe

Rev. Teresa Schwartz Our UU living tradition draws upon many sources, including the direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder. How do we see wonder in everyday life, especially in difficult times? How might forgiveness be part of awe and a renewed future with one another? What practices might help us refract our vision and … Continued

09/02/2018 An Age-Old Issue in a New Time

Prof. Steven Ashby Worker’s rights are human rights. While the need for worker’s rights is timeless, the shape and form of the labor movement changes over time. How do current labor organizations work toward a vision of a fair and just society? On this Labor Day Sunday, we’ll explore contemporary labor issues and the life … Continued

08/19/2018 Holy Creativity

Rev. Michelle Lattanzio In my work of performing pastoral care as a hospital and hospice chaplain, I have found that it is not only the patients who lives change during times of sickness and health, but mine as well. In this sermon, I will share some of my experiences as a hospital chaplain and hospice … Continued

08/12/2018 Noah, Babel and Borders

Allen Harden Noah and the Ark is among the most familiar narratives from the Book of Genesis. The Noah story is more than the flood, the ark, animals, and a rainbow. After finding dry land, Noah and his family go about the business of settling and repopulating our earth. The events from this part of … Continued

08/05/2018 The Paradox of Choice Revisited

Joseph Harrington The Paradox of Choice is a book by Barry Schwartz about how consumers make choices, and the tyranny of choice. It was also the impetus for my first sermon at First Unitarian in 2006, “The Paradox of Choice and the Gift of Another Day.” In Chapter 5, Schwartz makes this assertion: “Autonomy and … Continued

07/29/2018 Summer Seminary Service

Summer Seminarians This service is being led by participants in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Summer Seminary program. These high-school-aged youth have come from around the country to explore the possibility of becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister, religious educator or other religious professional through a five-day immersive program held at Meadville Lombard Theological School this week. … Continued