08/05/2018 The Paradox of Choice Revisited

Joseph Harrington The Paradox of Choice is a book by Barry Schwartz about how consumers make choices, and the tyranny of choice. It was also the impetus for my first sermon at First Unitarian in 2006, “The Paradox of Choice and the Gift of Another Day.” In Chapter 5, Schwartz makes this assertion: “Autonomy and … Continued

07/29/2018 Summer Seminary Service

Summer Seminarians This service is being led by participants in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Summer Seminary program. These high-school-aged youth have come from around the country to explore the possibility of becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister, religious educator or other religious professional through a five-day immersive program held at Meadville Lombard Theological School this week. … Continued

07/22/2018 Whose is the face of god?

Rev. Jason Lydon In June of this year, a group of psychologists at the University of North Carolina released a report after surveying over 500 people in the US, finding that the most common face of god is a young white man. We will reflect together on what it means for UUs, humanists and theists … Continued

07/01/2018 All Are Called: General Assembly 2018

Revs. David & Teri Schwartz, Betty Sikes, Alan Lindrup, Joan Pederson, Betty Holcomb Every year, our democratically-governed association of congregations has an annual conference for purposes of governance, worship, education, and fellowship. This year’s GA theme, All Are Called, is grounded in a deep belief that we are all prophets. Our denomination asks an age-old … Continued

06/24/2018 The Faith We Sing

Rev. Jason Shelton First U is thrilled to welcome the Rev. Jason Shelton as our worship leader to bless us with music! Rev. Shelton is a composer, arranger, conductor, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and a workshop & retreat leader. His compositions have been performed in churches and concert halls throughout North America, and his workshops for choirs, … Continued

06/03/2018 You Are Beautiful

Rev. Teresa Schwartz We have complex relationships with our bodies. Society exerts strong influences that are often toxic, and our bodies at some point or another become ill or broken in some way. Yet, the human experience at its heart is an embodied one; physical pleasure and the beauty of our senses are some of … Continued

05/20/2018 This I Believe

Christine Harrell, Ivan Lappin, Rev. Teresa Schwartz Each year we invite two church members of varied walks of life to share their personal philosophies, hard-won beliefs and basic values with the congregation. In 1951, Murrow wrote: “In talking to people, listening to them, I don’t have a monopoly on the world’s problems. Others have their … Continued

05/13/2018 Adventure Boldly and Explore

Rev. David Schwartz The Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism are part of a centuries-long journey trying to name clearly things commonly believed among us. Every generation has proclaimed, rebelled against, revised, and argued about how (and whether) to summarize our continually progressive faith. A service looking back to take us forward. After the service, gather … Continued

05/06/2018 All Creatures of the Earth and Sky

Rev. David Schwartz In this multigenerational service, we honor those furry, fluffy, scaled, shelled, and feathered friends who have been kind enough to grace us with their company. Please bring a photo of your beloved companions past and present to honor their memory, show gratitude for the joy we share with them, and to wish … Continued

04/22/2018 Earth Day: Peril and Promise

Rev. Teresa Schwartz Earth Day started in 1970 and has since become a bittersweet occasion. We mark our gratitude for the planet that sustains us and we celebrate the ecological victories of the past decades. But much has changed since that first Earth Day 48 years ago. Dangerous climate change threatens the environment and other … Continued