04/21/2019 From Resurrection to Liberation

Rev. Jason Lydon As Unitarian Universalists we are not called upon to believe in the literal resurrection of Jesus. However, there is great strength in believing that a community can have the resilience to rise up even after an empire strikes its leader down. We will use this Easter celebration to resist theologies that celebrate … Continued

04/07/2019 Hard to Say “I’m Sorry”?

Rev. Jason Lydon Before we can even begin to talk about forgiveness, it is important that we learn how to do the work of offering healthy and authentic apologies. We live in a culture where certain people are saying the words, “I’m sorry” constantly and others simply never utter the words. Neither of these extremes … Continued

03/31/2019 Give Until It Feels Good!

Rev. Jason Lydon Generosity comes in many forms. We can give generously of time, love, compassion, labor, wisdom, and of course, money. Giving generously requires us to give beyond what comes easily. We are called to give until we know what we are giving is a gift that is good. We have celebrated a great … Continued

03/17/2019 Solidarity Forever

Rev, Jason Lydon Between 1846-1848 nearly 100 Irish immigrants to the US deserted and defected from the US military to join the Mexican resistance during the US colonial attacks on Mexico, creating the St. Patrick’s Battalion. While St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago is mostly just a time to drink green beer and make a mess … Continued

03/03/2019 Do You Trust Me?

Rev. Jason Lydon In Disney’s cartoon Aladdin, we see the young “street rat” turn to Princess Jasmine on two occasions throughout the movie asking her, “Do you trust me?” In both instances there is no reason for the princess to trust Aladdin, and yet she gives him her hand and goes with him each time. … Continued

02/24/2019 Where We’ve Been, Where We Are Now, Where We Are Going

Revs. David Schwartz, Teresa Schwartz, and Jason Lydon It is said there are only two kinds of stories in the world: you go on a journey and a stranger comes to town. We’re about to do both here at First U! Come and commission our Sabbatical Minister, the Rev. Jason Lydon, and come bid a … Continued

02/17/2019 Living Our Belief

Dr. Daniel Davis In honor of Black History Month, we are proud to welcome African American Studies and African Studies scholar, Dr. Daniel Davis. Dr. Davis explores contemporary racial injustice and identify what each of us can do to fight for a more equal and just society. Framed within the teachings of the Rev. Dr. … Continued

02/10/2019 A Curvy, Never-Ending Road

Zsolt Elekes Showing up for our values is one of our core missions, which can be meaningful. However, what can we do when the current ideological waves are not supporting our cause? In this Sunday’s service we will try to find the common forces that drive our Unitarian spirituality all around the world. Our foundations … Continued

02/03/2019 Unlikely Friends

Rev. Teresa Schwartz Unitarian Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The only way to have a friend is to be a friend.” As biological families are increasingly geographically separated, our friends are often our closest “family”—by proximity, and sometime by the heart, too. We’ll explore stories of unlikely friendships and what they can remind us about what … Continued