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Sunday Service, March 5, 2017

Risking Faithfulness Rev. Teri Schwartz When we face a decision, we attempt to forecast our odds for success or failure. Yet life is always both victory and defeat; the greatest risk we can take it to engage in it fully–to be all in. Risk may be less about thrill and more about faithfulness. Faithfulness to … Continued

Sunday Service, March 12, 2017

Now Boarding Flight 5650 Rev. David Schwartz “Universalists are often asked to tell where they stand,” minister Lewis FIsher wrote decades ago, “The only true answer… is that we do not stand at all, we move.” It’s a time of moving at First Unitarian, and this Sunday we’ll board a metaphorical airplane to the future … Continued

Sunday Service, March 19, 2017

The Biggest Risk: Not Taking Any Risk Rev. Teri Schwartz It is said that insanity means doing the same thing over and over again–and expecting different results. We live in a world that is changing really quickly. We may fail if we risk. We will fail if we don’t risk. What does that difficult truth … Continued

Sunday Service, March 26, 2017

Rev. Karen Mooney In the month of March, First Unitarian joins with UU churches across the country exploring the question: “What does it mean to be a community of risk?” We often think of risks as bold acts, perhaps thrilling–maybe even reckless. Yet, we also risk when we dare to commit to something–when we risk … Continued