Upcoming Services

August 19 – Chaplaincy and Spiritual Healing

Rev. Michelle Lattanzio In my work of performing pastoral care as a hospital and hospice chaplain, I have found that it is not only the patients whose lives change during times of sickness and health, but mine as well. In this sermon, I will share some some of my experiences as a hospital chaplain and … Continued

August 26 – Real Words in an Ugly Age

Rev. David In an era when we are lied to daily by our leaders, when voices call for us to avoid, deny, and minimize reality, when we are exhausted with personal and collective burdens, we turn to poets who cut through to truth.

September 2 – An Age-Old Issue in a New Time

Worker’s rights are human rights. While the need for worker’s rights is timeless, the shape and form of the labor movement changes over time. How does current labor organizing work toward a vision of a fair and just society? How do contemporary labor issues relate to the life of faith? We will welcome a guest … Continued

September 9 – Water Communion

Rev. David and Rev. Teri At this beloved annual intergenerational service, you are invited to bring a small vial of water from your home or travels to kick off our church year with clear vision and ready hearts. We’ll join them all together, uniting as one to begin this new, shared church year. We will … Continued