This group was formed after the events of September 11, by a group of church members who were interested in learning more about the root causes of the terrorist attacks. We began by reading about the Middle East; books such as Good Muslim, Bad Muslim by Mahmood Mamdani, and other readings about foreign affairs, international politics and imperialism. Additional books on the reading list are: The Fourth Estate by Gary Hart, Scott Ritter’s book, Iraq Confidential, about the search for weapons of mass destruction, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney, Philippe Sands’ book about international law, Lawless World, and currently we are reading Noam Chomsky’s book, Who Rules the World?

The group has occasionally become a task force, becoming involved in a variety of service activities. Some of us marched in anti-war and peace demonstrations, such as the ones in Chicago in 2003 and in New York last spring. We provided moral support to a Chicago Muslim woman falsely accused of terrorism, by being present at her trial.  A fundraiser was held to foster peace in the Middle East by rebuilding Palestinian homes. We have organized special collections for various catastrophic events, such as earthquakes in various parts of the world, genocide in Sudan, the tsunami in Thailand, and the hurricane in New Orleans. We have offered support to veterans of the Vietnam War, who were seeking a place to hold group meetings.