Behavioral Covenants: the commitments we make to each other about how we related with one another as a community.

•First Unitarian Church of Chicago Behavioral Covenant (May 23, 2021)
•Covenant and Keystone

Bylaws – The rules that we have adopted for how we must operate as an institution: what constitutes membership; elections and officers; congregational meetings; financial matters; etc.

Policy Manual – The set of policies created and adopted by the Board (over time) with more day-to-day guidance for specific situations than bylaws provide. Policies on disruptive behavior and misrepresentation, personnel policies, etc.

Policy on Conflict Resolution  – Conflicts is an inescapable part of human relations and community life.  In striving for good relations with each other, our challenge is not to prevent or avoid conflicts but rather to manage and resolve differences

Minutes of Board of Trustees – The minutes recorded by the secretary at the monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees. These record who was present, what actions that were taken, and sometimes include additional information.

Minutes of Congregational Meetings – Minutes recorded by the secretary at congregational meetings: the annual meeting and any special meetings.