PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 precautions, our choirs are not performing at this time, and singing is not part of our service. Please continue to check this page for updates and for the return of choral music and congregational singing to Sunday services. 

We feel strongly that part of our mission is to offer the congregation, the city, and the Hyde Park community an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of quality music programs. We are proud of our historic and newly restored 3-manual, 40-rank E.M. Skinner organ in our sanctuary, as well as the Schlicker neo-baroque organ in Hull Chapel. Special choir concerts, evening and Sunday concerts with top local musicians, and a great deal of music during our regular Sunday services bring the joy of music to many church events.


Adult Choir

This non-auditioned ensemble sings for services three times a month from September through June. This choir sings in a variety of musical styles and languages. Rehearsals are held every Wednesday evening from 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the choir room, and new members are always welcome to join.

Singing Meditation

Singing Meditation is an interfaith spiritual practice that combines repetitive rounds, mantras, and harmony group singing, followed by periods of silence. The combining of the two practices of singing and silence results in a synergy that enhances each component. Singing Meditation will be offered at First Unitarian Church quarterly, and is included in some worship services.

Chicago Children’s Choir

First Unitarian is the original home and founding institution of the internationally renowned Chicago Children’s Choir. We occasionally invite neighborhood chapters of the Chicago Children’s Choir to perform for our worship services, including in October for the organization’s annual birthday celebration. For more information about this choir, please connect to First U’s CCC Boosters.

Great Choir

The music of our UU faith draws from many faith traditions, and cultures. We strive to include participants of all ages and abilities in the music at First Unitarian. The Great Choir is a volunteer choir with singers of every age, and sings about three times each year. The purpose of this group is to promote joy and unity through music. Repertoire for this group consists of unison music, or music with simple harmonies, which will allows voices of all abilities to sing together. Rehearsal time is at 9:00 am before the Sunday service.

Dances of Universal Peace

Several times a year, First U is host to these participatory events. Dances of Universal Peace bring people together in joyous and meditative dance circles, and in singing or chanting sacred phrases from many spiritual traditions. For more information, please see the events page.