10/28/2018 Sunday 11:30 am-1:00 pm

Most Americans have outsourced the end of our lives to professionals who have turned this inevitable and completely natural process into a huge commercial enterprise. Our deaths have been monetized and made cosmetic and abstract. This allows us to avoid thinking and talking about mortality, which hinders our ability to psychologically and practically prepare for it. Consequently, it is difficult to have a peaceful, dignified “good” death.

Halloween, All Saints Day, and the Day of the Dead are opportunities to reflect and share our thoughts and feelings. Our UU principles, “The inherent worth and dignity of every person…compassion in human relations and the search for truth and meaning” compel us to do so. This interactive presentation will explore the topic from intercultural, ethical and practical perspectives. The goal is to promote a realistic path to a peaceful easy feeling about dying, for ourselves and our loved ones.

Our speaker is Gary Wederspahn, board member of Final Exit Network and a member of Compassion & Choices and Exit International.

All are welcome. For more information, please contact Richard Pardo at pardo.richard (at) comcast.net.