Social Justice

Report of the Social Justice Group’s January 15, 2024 Workshop and Retreat

The Social Justice Council of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago invited members and friends to participate in a three-hour retreat and workshop to consider how to restructure itself. Seventeen people attended in person, and two took part by phone. All attendees participated in a series of exercises to recommend social justice areas for action … Continued

Keep-Me-Warm Drive Thank You!

Thank you for a genuine community effort to bring clothing to our neighbors in need of winter warmth and caring. In addition to your generous donations, over thirty members of the First U family participated to make the Keep-Me-Warm Drive a success. The First U Social Justice Council is grateful to all for truly shared … Continued

Reproductive Justice Task Force

Last month SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, allowing states to pass their own laws regarding abortion and other reproductive services. There are already horrific stories of women being denied timely, safe medical care in cases of ectopic pregnancies and incomplete miscarriages. You might be feeling confused, angry, or sad about this monumental change and what … Continued

Statement regarding Samuel Harvard

Greetings Members and Friends, Perhaps you have already heard of the tragic passing of a homeless man, who recently had been staying in the alley doorway behind First Unitarian. We are all deeply saddened by this loss of human life. Samuel Harvard had been a familiar face in the Hyde Park neighborhood for years, and … Continued

Join with Social Activists at First Unitarian

Would you like to learn about opportunities for education and social action offered by organizations in Chicago to advance the social health of our community? To receive bulletins, go to and add your name.  You will be able to manage or cancel your listing at any time. Everyone is welcome. Contact Sandra Rigsbee at srigsbee (at) for more … Continued