Adult Education

The Adult Religious Educational Committee recently voted unanimously to do a study about the feasibility of establishing a FirstU Women’s Group. We will be doing an short initial interest survey at the Social Justice Council, plus have a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help with the feasibility study. For more information, please contact Bobbi Lammers-Campbell … Continued

New Adult Ed Project?

Anyone interested in forming a new program for the Adult Education Committee called “Telling Your Story”? It would treat the various ways old and new members of First U Church found their way to our religious community. Come to the Social Justice Council table and sign up. We need at least three to five to … Continued

Soul Matters Circle: An Invitation to a Journey Together

The Soul Matters Circle is a monthly, yearlong circle of people who meet to authentically connect with each other in reflection on monthly themes. When a great pressure of this era is isolation—when we move too fast through too much work with too little time and too few people to connect with—the Soul Matters Circle … Continued

Adult Education: Brochures Available, Call for New Activities

Brochures of adult education activities from September 2017 to January 2018 are available at the Social Justice Council table in Hull Chapel. Anyone interested in providing an adult education activity for church members and friends should contact the Adult Education Committee. This activity should be free of charge (although participants can be assessed a fee for any required … Continued

Leadership Training

07/12/2017 Wednesday 2:00 pm – 07/13/2017 Thursday 3:00 pm The Prospective Student Conference provides the opportunity to mingle with current students, faculty, staff, and other prospective students.  Meadville Lombard provides a variety of programs.  One of these is an MALS (Masters of Arts in Leadership Studies) program. This is an eighteen-month course that provides advanced work for … Continued

Discussion of Commission on Appraisal Report “Belonging: The Meaning of Membership” (Part III)

Summary Commission on Appraisal Report: “Belonging: The Meaning of Membership” (Part III) March 26, 2017 (Final Discussion) Led by Rev. Nan Hobart Based on pp. 77-102, “Pathways to Growth,” and “Investing in Youth and Young Adults” Overview of Previous Chapters Membership is a progression of identification, affiliation, and commitment The act of becoming a member … Continued

Building Your Own Theology For Passionate Action

Sundays, April 23, May 28, June 4, June 18, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Location TBA This Spring we are offering a series, Building Your Own Theology For Passionate Action, in which we will examine more deeply the traditions we come from, both as individuals and as members of a faith community. We will share our histories, … Continued

Discussion of Commission on Appraisal Report “Belonging: The Meaning of Membership” (Part II)

Summary Commission on Appraisal Report: “Belonging: The Meaning of Membership” (Part II) March 19, 2017 Led by Rev. James Hobart Assigned readings: Chapter 3. Measures of Membership Chapter 4. Creating Thriving Congregations Chapter 5.  The Challenge of Incarnation   Background on Commission on Appraisal Elected Studies take about four years to complete Topics are chosen … Continued

Potential Adult Education Activity

Anyone interested in an adult education activity dealing with a multiracial Unitarian Universalist analysis of Marxism-Leninism-Historical Materialism are invited to contact Finley Campbell at