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Madeleine Albright. Fascism: A Warning Chapters 13 – 15

Global Studies Group Discussion 5 May 2019 Fascism:  A Warning by Madeleine Albright, chapters 13, 14, 15 The report made by each facilitator is reproduced at the beginning of the discussion with comments of the members following. We ended without a full discussion of Chapter 15 (Trump).  Instead each person was given the opportunity to … Continued

Madeleine Albright. Fascism: A Warning Chapters 9, 11 – 12

summarized by Bobbi Campbell Sixteen people met to discuss chapters 9, 11, 12, and 13.  This time the chair assigned members to discuss the chapters briefly before we discussed them.  The group liked this arrangement, and we will do the same next time – when Finley Campbell will lead the discussion of Chapter 13 (which … Continued

Madeleine Albright. Fascism: A Warning Chapter 10

Although we had chapters 9, 10, and 11 on our agenda, the first comments were about chapter 10 (on Venezuela), and people seemed to want to discuss it in some depth…..   US “aid” to Venezuela is a Trojan horse, that is it is probably not just humanitarian aid, but like previous aid to Nicaragua … Continued

Madeleine Albright. Fascism: A Warning Chapters 4-8

Notes from discussion – The chapters remind me of the time I lived in Spain under Franco. The king had been expelled and a republic/democracy established.  But the republican factions were too divided to resist the fascists.  Fascism was vivid while I lived there.  I worked at the university and knew many republicans.  They were … Continued

Madeleine Albright – Fascism: A Warning Cpts. 1-3

Comments from the discussion:   Hess edited Mein Kampf and was more responsible for its contents than Hitler The rod and axe bound together was the symbol of Italian fascism The significance of the axe was that a military/police apparatus would be unleashed against the population to punish recalcitrants; the rod indicated non-lethal punishment   … Continued