Denominational Affairs

The Denominational Affairs Task Force of the Social Justice Council will be discussing at our next meeting procedures for accepting nominees of folks interested in being official church delegates to the Mid America Regional Assembly and the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly (UUAGA). The Regional Assembly will be meeting Friday through Sunday, April 28–31, in … Continued

Racial Justice Theater

There is a new movie, Get Out and a new play, Straight White Males, the movie is popular among youth and young adults and the play is getting rave reviews among theater critics. but the question is does it build or oppose neo-racism? On Sunday, March 12th, be a part of a brief informal discussion … Continued

Message from the Chicago Abortion Fund

For the second quarter of this fiscal year, our congregation raised $1,935 for the Chicago Abortion Fund. Their Executive Director, Brittany Mostiller, writes, “On behalf of the staff of the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF), thank you for your donation…contributions like yours help women like Jessica. Jessica is a homeless, 22-year-old, mother of two children who … Continued

182nd Annual Meeting of First Unitarian

The 182nd Annual Meeting of First Unitarian of Chicago will take place in the Sanctuary at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 21, 2017. All are encouraged to attend. Leaders of all groups in the congregation should plan to submit a written report to Mike Knowles no later than Friday, May 5. The formal call to … Continued

Annual Pledge Drive Circles

The Annual Pledge Drive will be conducted in a series of one-hour circles of 10-15 people throughout the month of March. (Sign up online here — most are held after services with childcare provided.)   We hope each member and friend will attend one circle to engage several key discussion questions about what’s next for the church. Not complicated or esoteric, but simple, … Continued

Pledge Statements and Tax Letters

Pledge Statements and Tax Letters for 2016 are in the mail. Please review these documents and email me at if they do not agree with your records. 2016/2017 pledges should be paid in full by June 30th. If you would like to pay electronically, please visit First U’s website ( and click on the … Continued

First U Church Directories Available

Hard and electronic copies of the church directory are available on requests to members. To obtain a copy, contact Michael Knowles at or 773-324-4100, ext. 10.