We have many small groups to offer through First U. These groups meet regularly. They provide a way to deepen your friendship with other congregation members.

First U Men’s Group

Since 2004, the First U Men’s Group has provided the opportunity for the men of our church to come together to enjoy each other’s company; share their life experiences; help each other work through problems; and identify opportunities to support our church, its members and the broader community. Our raison d’être is to foster friendship and provide opportunities for men to become full stakeholders in the First U mission and vision. Some topics discussed in the past: “Politics in Chicago and Illinois,” “God is a question, not an answer,” and “The Beloved Community.” All male-identifying members and friends of First U Church age 18 and older are welcome to join us in our spiritual, social, and intellectual fellowship. For more information, please contact Joe Harrington.

First U Humanist Group

The Humanist Group continues to be vital and stimulating for its members and guests. The participants have a broad range of worldviews and interests, and enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas with each other on a regular basis. We discuss many topics for a humanist or non-theistic view. The group meets twice a month, on second and fourth Mondays, at 7 pm in the Chris Moore Parlor. Over the five years of our history, we have touched most issues related to religion, belief, disbelief, atheism, gods, and spirituality. We continue to know that each of these words, and most others within our domain, carry far too many meanings for simple conversation. Sometimes discussions are structured around recent articles or essays proposed by group members, for example, Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism. We are working towards an extended focus on how we find meaning and purpose in life, and how we want to live out our time. For more information, please contact Allen Harden.

The Humanist Group has voted to adopt the following policy statement:

As members of the Humanist group we believe that participatory democracy is essential in a society dedicated to the flourishing of its members. We believe in increasing participation in our democracy, not limiting or restricting access to the ballot box. Efforts to restrict voting access fall heaviest on underrepresented communities and so limit full participation and voice in government. As members and friends of First U we also uphold the 5th Principle: “The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.”

First U Christian Group

The UU Christian Group meets monthly, on second Tuesdays, from 7 to 9 pm. Our meetings are open to all church members and friends – holding any religious beliefs – with an interest in learning more about the Christian faith. For the remainder of 2017-2018, the group will continue its study of world Christianity. First we will view the opening lectures of a Teaching Company course, The History of Christianity in the Reformation Era, taught by Professor Brad S. Gregory, Assistant Professor of History at Stanford University. We will also begin a Bible study, focusing on the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke. For more information, please contact Phiefer Brown at PhieferBrowne (at) comcast.net

First U Young Adults

We are a group of religiously liberal young adults from Hyde Park and surrounding areas generally between the ages of 18 and 35. We are diverse in our religious backgrounds, educational backgrounds, sexual orientation, and economic circumstance. What we have in common is a wish to connect to a community which will support us along our journey of exploring faith, life, interconnectedness, and young adulthood. We welcome all.

For more information, visit with us during Sunday church services. You can also check us out on Facebook (First Unitarian Young Adults) or email us at chicagouus+subscribe@googlegroups.com to join our listserv. We email a few times a month about an upcoming outing or potluck. If you have questions, please contact youngadults@firstuchicago.org.

Two more small groups rely on participants’ extended commitment. These groups typically solicit new members each fall.

Soul Matters Circle

The Soul Matters Circle is a monthly, year-long circle of people who meet to authentically connect with each other in reflection on monthly themes. Given the enormously isolating pressure of the era – moving too quickly through too much work with too little time and too few people to connect with – the Soul Matters Circle is an invitation to slow down and connect. Sharing Circle are 8 – 10 people who commit to meet once a month through June.

The Crones – First U’s Older Women’s Group

The Crones are a group of women aged 60 or older who meet once each month. The group is supportive, educational, and confidential in terms of information shared. The participants are dealing with issues of later life … empty nests, relationships with adult children and grandchildren, health issues with emphasis on resilience, and adapting to change. The Crones add new members once per year, and ask they make a commitment to regularly attend.