The Black Lives Matter Task Force is part of the Social Justice Council (SJC) of First Unitarian. Like our congregation, we are a diverse group of people at First U, and we believe that Black lives matter.


Some history about our connection to the M4BL…

At the UUGA meeting in June 2015, UUs across the country voted to embrace the Black Lives Matter agenda and support the movement with a resolution to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The task force started as a Black Lives Matter Team in November of 2015. We began showing up in small groups to various movement-related community events. As we grew, we officially became a task force as part of the SJC.

In January 2015, our congregation donated water and money to provide direct support to residents of Flint, MI.


We worked with Chicago Chalice Connection to put on the UUs #RememberRekia teach-in in April 2015, which included signing onto a statement of solidarity for the #RememberRekia campaign.


In June 2015, Our congregation voted to support Black Lives Matter – Chicago (BLM-Chi) as one of four agencies who will benefit from our Donate the Plate program, where the donation plate will be donated to BLM-Chi six Sundays during one quarter in FY17. See the BLM-Chi website for more information on the work they do.

In July 2016, after the wildly publicized deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, our task force moved to engage the larger congregation in the M4BL with a First Forum: Teach-in and Networking event for the M4BL. The First Forum featured speakers who gave impact statements, representatives from movement-related campaigns and agencies, information about the M4BL, historical context, and a discussion about intersectionality, solidarity, and the movement’s goals to address many larger oppressive systems, in addition to police brutality. To provide feedback on the First Forum, or to voice your opinions on the next steps for how we as a congregation can support the movement, please complete our survey.


We seek to support the larger Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) by educating and connecting our congregation to movement campaigns, events, and agencies. Look for us on Facebook – First Unitarian of Chicago – Black Lives Matter Task Force. To join our email list serve, please contact Andrea at Emails are rarely sent more than once a week.