Peace Circles Update

Congratulations and thank you to Evelyn Johnson and Mary Clare Bietila, who have completed their training as Circlekeepers with the Youth Institute via Precious BloodMinisterial group. Additionally, Kristin Faust is planning to participate in an upcoming training session in Spring, 2022. We are grateful to our 1st U Board President Marge Gonwa, Vice President Amos Biggers, the 1st … Continued

Welcoming Luncheon: December 5

First U welcomed visitors and returning members and friends at a very successful Welcome Luncheon on Sunday, November 7!  We’ll be welcoming new visitors and members at the next Luncheon on Sunday, December 5, and will continue Welcome Luncheons at least once per month in 2022. If you are a current member and wish to be to be invited … Continued

In Memoriam: Andrew Greenlee

Andrew was born on July 23, 1935 in Kosciusko, Mississippi, a small rural town where he grew up in a country farmhouse with his parents and seven older brothers and sisters.  At the age of six, he started first grade at the Greenlee School, a community school built by his grandfather, Andrew Greenlee. His grandparents … Continued

In Memoriam: Rosemary Snow

First Unitarian Member and Chicago activist Rosemary Snow, 91, died peacefully October 31, with family at her side.  She was born September 2, 1930, at the Mescalero Apache Reservation, in New Mexico, daughter of Rosalie and John Mixon, who were pioneering social workers. A life-long Hyde Parker, she was educated at Ray School, Francis Parker, … Continued

With Deep Gratitude to Our Music Director Jeff Hamrick

From Church President, Margaret Gonwa Sunday, October 24 marked the final service at First Unitarian of our dear friend and Director of Music Jeff Hamrick.  Jeff has served First Unitarian for seven years, first as a keyboardist and then as Director of Music.  His role included working with the ministers and worship team on the … Continued

In Memoriam: Dr. Timuel Black

It is with the deepest of sorrow that we announce the passing of our dear member and friend, Timuel Black, on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, in his home in Chicago. He was 102-years-old. A long-time First Unitarian member, Tim often expressed his love of the church in discussions with Joe Harrington and other members. He … Continued

First Forums Return

The mission of First Forum is to provide a venue to explore issues underlying topics of interest in a stimulating and thought-provoking manner. The usual format is a 30 minute presentation by a guest speaker, followed by 30 minutes of questions from the audience. If First Forum excites you, prods you to action, forces you … Continued

Rules for being inside during COVID-19

To be inside the church or other First U property, visitors to and members of the First Unitarian Society of Chicago must follow these COVID mitigation protocols: Be fully vaccinated. The sole exception is for children too young to be vaccinated yet. Wear a mask. The mask must properly cover your nose and mouth. Socially distance. Stay six … Continued

A Different Place to Be

From your Interim Minister We live in an age of deep cynicism and alienation.  There’s very little that binds us together.  We tend to wander off with whatever group we identify with and curse the rest.  This is partly due to social media and the like, but whatever it is, here we are.  Very little unites us. Given the … Continued